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Genshiken2 EP11-10

Sasahara: At the day after the Comic-Fest closed, Angela and Suzy returned to the America. Their lots of dojinshi they bought will be sent by Oono later. The circle Yukimian’s first published book “By your side”, being published 50, distributed 11, and stocked 39.

At night, both Oono and Yabusaki are staring at Ogiue’s dojinshi at home. They forget how long they’ve been absorbed in it.

Both: Mmm, I, I can’t help…!

It seems they got so excited with Ogiue’s dojinshi, after all.

The trailer segment.

Sasahara: What’s the best last episode?

Tanaka: That should be Nekozaemon(*1), right?

Madarame: Ah, the episode where Piyota strives on his own for the first time.

Tanaka: Then, A Dog of Flanders.

Madarame: I guess Gara-Kame(*2) would be great too, although it hasn’t finished yet.

Sasahara: It was also the great last episode “I couldn’t be more happier(*3)”.

Madarame: Still, my best final episode is this.

Sue: Our fight has just begun!

Madarame: Yes! The greatest finale is “To be continued”!

*1, A parody of Doraemon, a famous popular anime in Japan.
*2, A parody of Kochira Kameari-Kouen-mae Hasyutsujo (Kochi-Kame).
*3, This line seems to refer to Mobile Suit Gumdam.


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