All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12

“Things ahead”

After the Comic-Fest, Sasahara has been nervous again because he hasn’t gotten any job offers yet. Today he’s reading a job magazine in their club room. He wants to concentrate but Kuchiki bothers him.

Kuchiki: Ugh, camp, aren’t we going to a camp? Let’s go camping, to the max!

Oono can see Sasahara being annoyed by Kuchiki’s grouching.

Kuchiki: Camp, go to a camp ASAP! Hey, less barrage isn’t cool!

Oono: Uh…

Sasahara finally gets angry with him and leaves the room.

Sasahara: What a pain…

He walks out of the room even without closing the door.

Kuchiki: Um, well…

He’s pretty worried because Sasahara looked unusually scary. Sasahara walks across the courtyard when he sees Ogiue on the way. Pulling the cap down over his eyes, he walks around the way so he won’t meet her.

One another day, he’s been to a job interview at some publishing company.

Woman: Our company mainly deals with self-publishing people, therefore the main abilities required to the editors are organizing manuscripts, scheduling and budgeting, rather than planning and conducting. Do you think you’re well-qualified for these jobs, Sasahara?

Sasahara: Yes, I’m sure I can make a good effort for it, although I have no experience in accounting field.

Woman: Then, we need you to work for us at least one year. It’s not only the first three months while you’re on probation. It takes very long and costs a lot until new kids become eligible employee.

Sassahara: Yes, I can understand.

Woman: Now, the interview is done. Thanks for your time.

Sasahara: Thank you so much.

( to be continued )


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