All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12-1

Sasahara receives a rejection letter from another publishing company.

Sasahara: I’ve failed again. Damn! An editor, what, why did I want to be it first? Since it’s the industry that my hobby’s related to? Then, why not animation or video games? Either way, I have no skill of creation so my job has to be done behind the scene. In that case, it’d be manga since it’s done in the smaller workgroup. Did I choose it by such elimination? No matter how brightly and positively I make an appeal of my otaku image to them by referring to my experiences of making dojinshi, there are bunch of the same kind in the world I know. I’m getting to feel it so suspicious myself since I’ve stated it again and again at many job interviews. What is wrong? Myself, after all?

He remembers some of his memories at Genshiken. The time when he first met Genshiken as a freshman at the college, when he first came to the club room and tried to look up in a girl figure’s skirt, then he found a copy of dojinshi and read it, all of which were monitored by Madarame, Kugayama and Tanaka from the other building. He ended up joining this club, after all.

Sasahara: If I hadn’t joined Genshiken, even I’d be like…

He pictures if he had joined a swimming club instead of Genshiken, where he becomes a cool guy who’s always surrounded by lots of girls.

Sasahara: Oh, slow down, please! All right, all right, I’ll give you my lesson!

It seems he’s an good swimmer so these girls want him to be their coach. Then, the next imagination, he’s an director at a film studies club. He shows his ability as the head of this club and the actress, who’s pretty alike Ogiue, even falls in love with him.

Sasahara: Not a chance, absolutely not.

He isn’t too stupid to believe his delusion might have come true. He falls asleep as he’s reading through the rejection note from the company again, which says ” I’m afraid to say but…”

( to be continued )


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