All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12-7

The next day, Sasahara has been to the placement office at the university. He made up his mind to seek for any publishing-related jobs before he completely gives up. He looks in every nook and cranny of the paper, then he finds a small add on the newspaper, which tells “Manga editors wanted” He thinks it must be a luck so he applys for the job.

After a while, he visits this publishing production company named Washida-Sya for the job-interview. The first interviewer turned out to be the president of this company named Satoru Kaneko.

Sasahara: Um…

He’s pretty confused that the president shows up at the first step. Anyway, he’s succeeded in passing the first interview. Then, the second interviewer is a regular employee of this company named Ryuji Onodera.

Onodera: Yes, hardly anyone would fail at the first interview in our company. Our company’s job isn’t publishing itself but sending editors to each publishers by contracts. We’re the temp-agency specialized in editors, so to speak. We need who are capable on-site, so who makes the final decision, pass or fail, is also who works on-site. In short, the president is a mere figurehead.

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Onodera: Of course, I’m kidding. Now, you’re a new graduate, Sasahara?

Sasahara: Yes!

Onodera: The typical question, asking you why you applied for us, is waste of time. Let’s cut it out.

Sasahara: ( He isn’t usual, either. )

Onodera: Your club in the college is … “The Society for the study of modern visual culture”. Is this something like Man-ken?

Sasahara: Mostly right, although it covers animation and video games as well.

Onodera: I see. What did you do there?

Sasahara: I became the president of the club when I was a junior, where I was putting together the club’s bulletin and manuscripts of dojinishi and published them.

Onodera: Dojinshi, like selling them at The Comic-Fest?

Sasahara: Yes.

Onodera: R-18?

Sasahara: …Yes.

Onodera: You don’t write anything yourself?

Sasahara: No, I can’t draw pictures.

Onodera: Not at all? You haven’t even tried ever?

Sasahara: Actually, I just tried writing something like manga when I was a boy but I just found out I was terrible at it.

Onodera: Hm, hm. How do you think who can draw pictures?

He recalls Kugayama and Ogiue when they made the dojinshi.

( to be continued )


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