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Genshiken2 EP12-8

The interviewer, Onodera, asked Sasahra how he thought about people who can draw pictures and Sasahara remembered Kugayama and Ogiue.

Sasahara: There were two writers who I coped with in my club – the one was so serious that she turned in her manuscripts on her own. It was very easy for me. And the other was hesitating to step forward, even though he had an enough ability to draw pictures and the mind to do so.

Onodera: Hm.

He sees a good smile on Sasahara’s face while he’s talking.

Sasahara: Nevertheless, it was a big fun working with those people who can draw pictures!

Onodera: Was it a fun?

Sasahara: Of course it wasn’t only a fun, but also I had a trouble about the relationship between us. I really got it to myself how helpless I was through this experience. However, it was definitely thanks to a chance of making dojinshi that I was able to seriously get upset and talk each other, even though I had been a typical social misfit always playing it safe. Despite all difficulties I had, I can say it was a fun, after all.

He’s smiling from the bottom of his heart, which he hasn’t ever showed at any other job interviews.

Sasahara: I’m sorry I’ve talked about myself, even though your question was how I thought of the people who can draw pictures.

Onodera: It’s OK. Now, I dare ask you one straightforward question. What do you think it is that editors should never do?

Sasahara: I think it is discouraging the writers.

Onodera: Hm…

Sasahara: It wasn’t right?

Onodera: Never mind. Maybe you’re right, although it’s opposite of my way.

Sasahara: Yeah…

Onodera: All right. Let’s turn our topic. What’s your favorite manga?

Sasahara: Uh, it’s Kujibiki-Unbalance, after all.

Onodera: Ah, that’s it!

Sasahara: To be honest, the president(Kaicho) was the everything for me. I felt as if it was over when the president was gone in both manga and animation.

He and Onodera both laughs.

Onodera: I’m the editor of it.

Sasahara: S-Seriously?!

Onodera: You know, I’m working at Magazun.

Sasahara: I-I’m sorry very much! Uh, actually I’m pretty confused since it’s getting too big story!

Onodera: I told you that we’re sent to the each publisher, right? We have many other editors who’s going to other major companies.

Sasahara: Ugh!!!

( to be continued )


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