All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12-9

After several days, Sasahara got a package from Washidasha.

Sasahara: It’s so thick…!

The thickness of the envelope tells him that it’s not just a rejection letter. Then he takes up his cellphone and, getting up the nerve, he gives Ogiue a call.

Sasahara: Here goes nothing!

Ogiue is taking a shower at home in the meantime. She hears the telephone ringing and, for some reason, she feels like she must answer it right now. She gets out of the bathroom even not drying her body.

Sasahara: Hello? Is this Ogiue’s home? I’m Sasahara. Do you have time now?

Ogiue: Yes.

Sasahara: You know, I’ve landed a job! I’m afraid it’s not your own matter, though.

Ogiue: Oh, congratulations…!

Sasahara: Well, I wanted to say thank you, rather I was able to try again encouraged by you and Kasukabe, as well as by Kugayama’s call…

Ogiue: Uh…

Sasahara: Oh, I’m sorry it was a bit abrupt. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this.

Ogiue: No, it’s not that. You know, I was just taking a shower…

Sasahara: Oh, I’m sorry!

Ogiue: It’s all right.

Sasahara: Well, thank you very much! See you…

Ogiue: Uh, I-I’d like you to look at my drafts next time.

Sasahara: Your drafts? Me?

Ogiue: If you don’t mind…

Sasahara: Oh, of course I don’t! Rather, I’d love to do by all means!

Ogiue: Thank you “ahchoo!”

Sasahara: Then, see you at the club room.

Ogiue: Yes.

Sasahara: (Hanging up the phone) Y-Yes, I made it! I did it!!

He’s so happy with his success both in getting a job and in beginning of his romance.

After a few days, he visits Genshiken’s room, where Oono, Kasukabe and Ogiue are in.

Oono: What?!

Sasahara: Yeah, I got a job offer, finally.

Oono: Wow, that’s great! Congratulations!

Kasukabe: You did it, eh? Congrat!

Sasahara: Thank you for all you did for me.

Kasukabe: Come on, man.

Ogiue: C-Congrat…

She’s a little embarrassed to face him.

Kasukabe: Which company?

Sasahara: It’s an editorial production named Washidasha.

Kasukabe: Is it some subcontract?

Sasahara: Yeah, but the job itself is the editor works with manga writers!

Kasukabe: So, you’ve carried out your original plan, right?

Sasahara: Because I was pumped up by you.

Kasukabe: I’m sorry about that. I thought I was a little too harsh but it was your beard!

Sasahara: See I’ve shaved it off already! “Laughs”

( to be continued )


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