All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12-10

Genshiken members congratulate Sasahara on his landing a job.

Sasahara: By the way Oono, have you sent that dojinshi to the US yet?

Oono: Uh, yes, just a few days ago.

Sasahara: All right. Then, could you please send this to Angela and Sue too if you have any chance in the future?

He gives her Iroha-Gokko, a copy of dojinshi they made.

Oono: Sure, but is it okay?

Sasahara: Yeah, I got a permission from Kugayama.

Oono: So, you had a contact with him?

Kasukabe: Hm, how’s Kugapi doing?

Sasahara: He was drawing pictures again he said.

Kasukabe: Ah, I didn’t mean that…

Sasahara: He said he was working hard.

Kasukabe: I know, his job is a sales rep. What’s up, Ogiue? You’re quite silent, eh?

Ogiue: Ah! Not really…

She and Sasahara have an eye contact and she blushes again.

Kasukabe: What’s that?

Oono: She’s a bit weird, isn’t she?

Ogiue: Uh, c-congratulations…

Sasahara: T-Thank you…

Oono and Kasukabe don’t miss some feelings between Ogiue and Sasahara. Then, other Genshiken members give Sasahara congratulations too over phone.

Kosaka: I heard about it from Saki. Congratulations!

Tanaka: I heard it from Oono. Congrat!

Madarame: You made it!! I just heard it from these two now…

Each member of Genshiken begins each life after graduation.
Kosaka works at hentai game maker and it seems he’s a pretty good programmer too. Sasahara is working hard at the editor agency, even though he has to sleep at the company sometimes.
Kugayama has been busy with his job as ever, but he’s got small accessories of Kuji-Un with his cell phone, which maybe imply he doesn’t hesitate to show his otaku hobbies anymore even at work.
Tanaka is studying at fashion school and doing pretty good.
Madarame is working moderately, maybe.
Kuchiki often goes to otaku shops for dojinshi as ever.
Kasukabe finds a nice place to rent for her own shop.
Oono gets ready a package to send to her friends in the US.
Ogiue keeps writing manga with her vulgar imagination maxed at times.
Sasahara keeps a smile on his face at work since it is the job he wanted to do.
And at last, a suspicious shadow of a man appears on the rooftop of the university, which may be that guy.

( to be continued )


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