All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1

“The Maruis! A Good Kid, a bad kid, and a terrifying kid!!”

It’s April, the season when people start their new life in Japan. There’s a young teacher who’s watching the children coming to school with full of hopes.

Yabe: Hello, everybody. I’ve finally become a teacher at elementary school that I’ve been dreaming of.

He introduces himself to other older teachers at the faculty room.

Yabe: I’m Satoshi Yabe, a new teacher here. Nice to meet you!

And, there’s another new female teacher too.

Kuriyama: I’m Aiko Kuriyama, a school nurse. Nice to meet you.

Her glasses slips off as she bows.

Kuriyama: Ah! Where’s my glasses, my glasses…

Her eyesight is too terrible to find her glasses on her own.

Yabe: Here they are, Ms. Kuriyama.

Kuriyama: Oh, thank you so much!

Yabe: You’re welcome.

They welcome their new teachers with claps.

Yabe: My class is 6-3. I can’t wait to see my students!

But the thing didn’t go so peacefully as he hoped. The school becomes so dark getting hit by a storm suddenly. His class 6-3 is totally in chaos. Kids are confused rushing back and forth in the room. He can’t understand what’s going on.

Boy: Can you still fight?!

Boy: Yep, or I can’t survive!

Boy: Got it! Do it before we are killed!

All the boys start charging towards someone.

Boy: Here we go!

But, they’re all knocked down by a girl in karate uniform.

Futaba: It’s going on forever! This, this is a war!!

She’s so strong that she takes down all the boys with punch and kick.

Futaba: Yeah! Where’s the next enemy?!

Yabe: S-Stop! This isn’t a war! It’s a Fruit Basket Turnover, right?!

Futabe: Oh, wasn’t it the game like this?

Yabe: No, absolutely not!!

A Fruit Basket Turnover is a game, placing chairs in a circle, making sure the chairs to be one less than the number of total players. The player left without a chair becomes the next it, then…

Boy: Anyone wears glasses.

The type of players who it calls out move from their chairs and the one who couldn’t sit on a chair becomes the next it.

Girl: Fruit basket turnover!

If it calls out “Fruit Basket turnover”, all players have to leave their chairs. It may be more entertaining if you set some penalties on the player who failed three times. By the way, the penalty is 3-day’s homework this time!

( to be continued )


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