All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-2

The teacher Yabe lost his chair by Mitsuba’s trick.

Yabe: Then, anyone who’s binding your hair.

Many girls stand up to get to their next chair, although there are some clever girls who switch their chairs among themselves in order to keep close to a handsome boy next to them.

Mitsuba: Hey, you too, Hitoha!

Hitoha hasn’t stood up yet, rather she seems to have no idea of moving.

Hitoha: Huh.

She takes off her hairband so that she isn’t binding her hair anymore.

Mituba: Hey, it’s not fair, against the rule! She’s cheating, Yabecchi!

Yabe: Yabecchi…? Anyway, you shouldn’t do a cheat…

He walks up to them. Then, Hitoha stands up reading a book.

Mitsuba: Lucky me!

She sits on the chair instead.

Yabe: Uh, Hitoha?

But she doesn’t answer him even not seeing him.

Yabe: ( She’s passed by me?! )

He’s so shocked being ignored by her.

Yabe: Man, do you like reading a book so much? I’ll be confiscating…

As during the game students playing together, he tries to take up her book so she’s concentrated too, but he finds her book wouldn’t move.

Yabe: ( What’s the strength…?! )

Hitoha turns to him, whose look is so scary if it could kill him.

Yabe: Eek! I-I’m so sorry, seriously!!

She puts back her anger and keeps going to the empty seat. Her name’s Hitoha Marui, a bit strange gloomy girl.

However, she finds there’s no seat left. Yabe managed to save his chair this time, which makes her pretty upset again.

Futaba: Yeah, Hitoha is it now!

Yabe: ( I-I’m blamed?? )

Futaba: Call something!

Futaba looks around then makes a call.

Futaba: …My friends.

But there’s no one stands up.

Hitoha: Then, Fruit Basket…

Yabe: Y-Yes, I’m a friend of you!!

He’s too sorry for Hitoha to keep sitting on a chair as a teacher.

( to be continued )


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