All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-3

Hitoha made a call “Any of her friends” but there was no one who moved. Yabe was so sorry for her that he stood up as a friend of her.

Yabe: Oh, I’m it again [sighs] Well, what should I do…

Futaba: Make a call quick please!

Yabe: All right. Then, anyone who’s family name is Marui!

It was the misfortune of him that he carelessly picked up this line. Two of the Maruis sisters get ready for the battle in a moment.

Futaba: Got it!!

Mitsuba: Bring it on!!

It can obviously see their fighting power rising up at a great rate.

Yabe: How come you’re getting so serious?!

In the meantime, Hitoha is still sitting on a chair. She claims her name’s Hitoha Maru”don” but not Marui by adding one dot on her name in Kanji.

Yabe: Can’t you try to be a bit more serious?!

Anyway, he ends up standing in the center of the triplets, who are glaring at each other.

Yabe: What’s this mood…?

After a short silence, Hitoha moves first then Mitsuba follows.

Mitsuba: Hey, there are boobs outside, Futaba!

Futaba: What?! Where they are?!

It’s not only her but a boy get tricked by Mitsuba too, by the way.

Mitsuba: ( She’s so simple, huh! )

She hurries to the empty seat.

Futaba: Hey, you got me fooled!!

She catches up to Mitsuba in a flash and tackles her legs just before she reaches the seat.

Mitsuba: [Eek!]

Poor Mitsuba crashes into the chair panel from the face. The chair breaks in pieces and she’s unconscious bleeding a lot.

Futaba: Oh, what happened to you, Mit-chan?

In the meantime, Hitoha is about to reach another empty seat at a snail’s pace.

Yabe: ( What do I do? Should I give her the chair? No, if I did it now, she’d be ever walking all over me! I’d better let her know who’s the teacher! I’m sorry, Hitoha! )

She realizes he’s running up to her. She slaps him in the face with her book to stop him.

Yabe: I-Is this…?!

The pages that covers his face are full of obscene pictures.

Yabe: T-Thanks a lot…

He’s so excited he falls down on the ground with nose blood. Hitoha takes the empty seat in the meantime.

Yabe: A-Apartment wives’ daydream… ( The title of Hitoha’s book? )

Like this, his welcome party ended up two injuries seriously bleeding from the face. After this event, at the faculty room.

Yabe: Why do I have to do their homework?

Kuriyama: Huh?

He’s doing his students’ homework as the game’s penalty which he set himself.

Yabe: Tell me, can I really work out as a teacher in this school?

( to be continued )


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