All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-4

One day at school, Yabe is being toyed by Marui triplets as always.

Yabe: Ugh!!

Futaba: Let’s play with me!

She’s grabbing his neck.

Mitsuba: Hey, do me more service as the teacher!

And she’s roping his neck too, both of which makes him hard to breathe naturally.

Yabe: You’re choking my neck, Futaba! And you’ve had your sadistic switch on, Mitsuba!

There, a female teacher comes in.

Kuriyama: Uh, hello, Yabe.

Yabe: Hi, what’s up, Kuriyama?

He’s happy to run up to her.

Kuriyama: You’re so close to your students.

Yabe: Well…

Kuriyama: What’s the rope?

It’s a collar Mitsuba put on him.

Yabe: Oh, it’s my tie! I’m like a father in playing house, you know.

Both: [Laughs]

Kuriyama: It looks funny!

Yabe: Do you want to play with me too?

They look pretty cozy to the triplets.

Futaba: Oh, that’s the romance!

Hitoha: [Mimicing Futaba’s line ] Su-su.

Futaba: Can I pair them up somehow?

Mitsuba: Fat chance. He’s a virgin.

Futaba: What’s that?

Mitsuba: A man whose life’s been miserable.

Futaba: I get it. Then, I really hope Yabe-chi to suck Kuriyama-chi’s sweet syrup!

She begins meditation to come up with something but failed soon having her brain just overheated. She’s a bit dull.

Mitsuba: Oh, no. Hey, you join us too, Futaba!

Hitoha beings meditation too, then soon her head starts shining strongly. It seems she’s rather bright.

Futaba: Ah!

Mitsuba: She’s got an idea!

Hitoha: Kuriyama-chi is a school nurse, then…

She explains her plan. First, hit Yabe‘s balls strongly with something.

Yabe(image): Ouch!

Then he goes to Kuriyama for the treatment.

Yabe(image): I’ve had my balls hit!

Kuriyama(image): Oh, my! Hurry to care!

She takes off his pants for the treatment.

Yabe(image): I’m so sorry!!

As the course, she finds his groin.

Kuriyama(image): W-What a nice tropical fruit!

In the end, she falls in love with him.

Yabe: It was so wonderful, Aiko(Kuriyama’s first name).

They wake up in the same bed in the morning at last.

Mitsuba: Nonsense!!

Futaba: A romance lead by the balls, right?

Mitsuba: What kind of romance that is!

(to be continued)


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