All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-5

Marui triplets discussed how to pair up Yabe with Kuriyama for his happiness. And their plan came down to hitting his balls hard for some reason.

Yabe: Hey, what are you talking about, kids?

He returns to them finishing conversation with Kuriyama. Just as he’s back, Futaba shoots a sharp kick between the legs of him, which nearly misses his balls but makes a large hole on the desk behind him.

Yabe: Whoa! What did you do?!

He’s so surprised to jump aside guarding up his crotch.

Futaba: Ah, I missed it, but I won’t next time!

Yabe: [Screaming]

He escapes from her covering up his pants with his hands.

Mitsuba: Hey, you…

Futaba: I’m hitting his balls for his romance!

Mitsuba: He’d have to change his sex if you shoot them seriously!

Yabe(image): Hello, kids!

They have a image of female Yabe with boobs and cute skirt show up in the class.

Futaba: That isn’t so bad, but he’ll be okay if I do it softly – like tucking up the balls with love.

Mitsuba: You didn’t persuade me at all.

Futaba: Oh, no wasting time. Let’s go “tote-chite-tote-chite”.

She takes Hitoha’s hands and they go.

Mitsuba: My stupid sisters! I’m such a good and pretty girl, though! First of all, shooting the balls wouldn’t…

She pictures the scene where she’s stamping his crotch with the sole.

Yabe[image]: [Eek!] but it may be good!

Mitsuba[image]: You, a dog!

Mitsuba: …wouldn’t help any romance by hitting the balls…

It seems she’s turned on her sadistic switch by the idea.

( to be continued )


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