All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-6

Poor Yabe escapes into the teacher’s room since Marui triplets are pursuing his balls somehow.

Yabe: Good grief, Futaba!

He’s going to take a seat, where Hitoha has been aiming at his balls with a cue stick under his desk.

Yabe: Huh?

He feels something strange and barely dodges Hitoha striking his balls. The cue stick hit the chair and pushed it back.

Yabe: [Screaming] H, Hitoha, what did you do to me, too?!

Meanwhile, Futaba is crouching right behind him to punch his balls.

Futaba: Whee!!

She shoots an upswing punch to the balls, which he manages to dodge again.

Yabe: Nooo!!!

Futaba: You’re pretty good, eh?

Yabe: What’s all about this?! Why are you after my crotch?! Please tell me if there’re some reasons!

Then, he hears Mitsuba giggling outside the window.

Mitsuba: Here we go!

She pulls a long rope which has been put on the floor to whip his crotch.

Yabe: Ah!!

But again, he barely dodges the rope.

Mitsuba: Rats! It was so close!

He’s become totally pale out of the scare.

Yabe: I, I can’t take…

He runs out of the room even bumping into the wall.

Mitsuba: Run after him!

Futaba: You can’t escape, Yabe-chi!

Hitoha silently stalks him as well. The other teachers are just puzzled at the kids and doing nothing.

Yabe: What’s happening to me?! The triplets are after my balls!

He’s got scary images of the triplets in mind.

Futaba(image): Hey, give up already, Yabe-chi!

Mitsuba(image): A bad dog just needs a punishment!

Hitoha(image): Be my friend!

He even got stripped by them in the image. By the time, the kids are already running just behind him.

Futaba: It’s for your romance, Yabe-chi!!

Just there, Kuriyama has been trying to find her glasses that she’d lost in the hallway.

Kuriyama: Where’s my glasses…

He’s so hurried that he couldn’t realize her crouching there and, unfortunately, he’s got his balls crushed into the head of her.

Futaba: Oh, Yabe-chi!!

Poor Yabe is knocked down for the pain. Kuriyama doesn’t understand what’s going on, though.

Futaba: Well, it’s okay, after all.

Mitsuba: Not very funny. I wanted to do it myself!

Futaba: Now, Kuriyama-chi!

Kuriyama: Huh?

They moved to the health center.

Futaba: Please give an emergency treatment to his balls!

Kuriyama: Uh…

Mitsuba: Take off your pants quick!

Yabe: But… I, I’m sorry!

After a long thought, he takes off his pants as he was told.

Kuriyama: So, what grade are you in, kid?

Futaba: Oh, no!! She’s not identifying his face!

Mitsuba: Where’s her glasses?!

Kuriyama: Hm, a fourth-grade student?

As for her poor eyesight, she assumes his age by the size of his man’s part, which gives not only Yabe but also the triplets a big shock.

After this, Yabe and they returned to the class room. He’s been devastated. Futaba is apologizing to him, Hitoha is comforting him, and Mitsuba is particularly doing nothing for him.

( to be continued )


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