All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-7

Today, the kids in Yabe’s class are pretty excited about something.

Girl: So cute!

Girl: Let me touch him too!

Boy: He’s eating the seeds!

Girl: His cheeks are pumped!

Yabe: ( We decided to raise a hamster in our class 6-3, which in fact I had been feeding myself. I hope the kids to learn the importance of life and pleasure of caring. )

The hamster is sitting on the palm of Hitoha.

Mitsuba: He’s so cute! I want to… squash, yeah, squash him!

Hitoha isn’t very happy with the way of her affection.

Futaba: Did you like him, Hitoha?

By Hitoha’s look on her face, it’s obviously yes.

Yabe: Then, I’ll put Hitoha in charge of taking care of him, okay?

Sato: What’s his name, teacher?

Yabe: I haven’t decided yet.

Futaba: I suggest “Boobies”!!

Yabe: H-How come?!

Futaba: When I stroke his tail with blind eyes, it feels like a nipple!

Yabe: Your imagination is too extensive!

Futaba: It’s your turn, Hitoha.

She strokes the tail and is pretty happy with the feeling too. The hamster also looks happy.

Hitoha: …Nipple.

Mitsuba: She liked the name, eh?

Yabe: Jeez, these hentai sisters!

In the end, his name’s become Nipple.

Yabe: ( Ever since then, Hitoha has been working very hard to take care of the hamster. She looks like she’s getting less gloomy than the time when we first met. )

( to be continued )


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