All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-8

The kids in Yabe’s class was going to raise a hamster and Hitoha was put in charge of taking care of him named Nipple. After a few days.

Futaba: Yabe-chi?

She comes up to him with worried face.

Yabe: Yes?

Futaba: Well, Nipple is weird.

Yabe: What?! I-I’m not very good at that kind of matter…

He got a wrong idea with her question because both her look and her motion are a bit provocative.

Futaba: Huh?

There Hitoha joins with the cage. She seems pretty anxious.

Yabe: Ah, Nipple is his name, right?

Futaba: He hasn’t been very well. He eats little and wouldn’t go out of his room.

Yabe: Hm, maybe he’s been stressed because of the sudden change of the habitat and being cared too much.

Hitoha is so shocked to hear that.

Yabe: Anyway, you don’t have to be so worried…

But he can see Hitoha apparently emitting dark atmosphere.

Yabe: Oh, it was never meant to you, Hitoha…

Futaba: He’s right! It is Mi-chan to be blamed for this, who’s been giving him pressure!

Mitsuba: T-That was a little joke, of course!

It seems she’s the reason of Nipple’s sickness.

Futaba: Don’t worry! He’ll get well soon!

But Hitoha doesn’t think so. She’s so worried about Nipple.

( to be continued )


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