All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-9

In Yabe’s class, students began feeding a hamster themselves. But the hamster, named Nipple by the way, hasn’t been very well these days.

Chiba: Hey, Nipple!

Sato: Have you been fine?

They come to watch their hamster in the cage in the back of the classroom. But Hitoha shows up to block them and slaps their faces with her book.

Chiba: What’s this, Sanjo!(= the third daughter of Marui )

Futaba: Man, why not just watching how he’s doing…

Hitoha pushes her book against Futaba in the face, it which there are a lot of provocative pictures on the page.

Futaba: Wow, busty nurses…!!!

Chiba: It can’t be true! Futaba’s lost?!

Sato: I’m not sure but the most strong sister in the triplets is Sanjo?!

Futaba: P-Please turn to the next page!!

Hitoha glares at the other boys to get them away.

Chiba: All right.

They go away getting scared of Hitoha.

Futaba: Not yet?! Please turn the page, Hitoha!

In the meantime, Yabe is talking to Kuriyama about the hamster in the teacher’s office.

Yabe: Yeah, actually I had been raising it myself before that…. huh?

He feels something strange under his desk, from where suddenly Hitoha sticks out her scary face. It makes them so surprised.

Kuriyama: W-What are you doing?! This hentai teacher!!

She took it as if he were having some service from Hitoha.

Yabe: N-No, it isn’t true, Kuriyama!!

But she runs off without listening to him. He’s pretty shocked by her misunderstand.

Yabe: [Sigh] Have you been hidden there by the way?

Hitoha: [Nodding]

Yabe: Then, what gives? You’ve got something to talk to me?

Hitoha: [Nodding]

( to be continued )


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