All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP1-10

Hitoha talked to Yabe about her care plan for Nipple. After getting back to the class, he writes her idea on the chalkboard to explain to the rest of his students, which says “Raising Nipple at my home”

Yabe: Well, she said like this.

Hitoha: [Snort]

Kids: Oh, what?!

They’re definitely disagreeing with the idea.

In the meantime, Kuriyama is coming at the door of Yabe’s class. She wanted to apologize to him.

Kuriyama: It must have been my mistake. I have to apologize to Yabe…

She hears the kids’ conversation in the room.

Boy: I want to touch Nipple more!!

Kuriyama: N-Nipple?!

She gets so confused with the word.

Boy: No kidding! Are you keeping it to yourself?!

Chiba: Let me touch it more thoroughly!

Miyashita: I want to keep watching Nipple too!

Yabe: Nipple hasn’t been very well recently, right?

He clears the reason for Hitoha.

Hitoha: Since everyone strokes and pinches it with getting crowd, it’s become so sensitive. You’ve twirled my Nipple!

The kids naturally get upset with her.

Sato: Not yours! That’s ours, right?

Chiba: I was touching it carefully and softly!

Yoshioka: I want to look at Nipple until it’s raised!

Futaba: You know, Nipple seems so happy when we touch it softly, right?

Saying so, she rubs Hitoha’s soft cheeks as if they were some boobs.

Mitsuba: Yabe-chi, why don’t you set the duty in turn for taking care of Nipple?

Yabe: Oh, that’s good idea! Listen, Hitoha. Maybe you can rely on your classmates a bit more?

Sato: Let your Nipple leave to me!

Chiba: Me too! Believe me!

Yoshioka: Me too!

Chiba: Let’s save Nipple!

Kids: [Agreeing to him] Yeah!

Then, they start calling Nipple all together.

Kids: Nipple, Nipple, Nipple!!

Yabe: See, they all love Nipple as much as you do, and so do I!

Hitoha: Nipple…

Nipple, the hamster, appears out of his bedroom then he stands up with his rear legs.

Chiba: Nipple has stood up!

Miyashita: Nipple has erected!

This line is parody of Heidi in the Alps, a classic animation in Japan by the way. Anyway, the kids get together around Hitoha and Nipple.

Sato: Can I touch Nipple, right?

Hitoha: Yeah.

The room is filled with kids’ cheers and they start calling Nipple all together again.

Yabe: ( It’s all settled, right? )

When he opens the door to leave class, he finds Kuriyama listening to them outside. They’re both surprised to see each other.

Kuriyama: T-This hentai class!! Eek!!

She runs away again yelling at him.

Futaba: Nipple is great!

Mitsuba: Let me squash, no, touch it too!

But Kuriyama’s mistake towards Yabe wasn’t solved in the end.

( to be continued )


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