All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2

“Can’t stop the triplets”

Yabe: Despite in early spring, it’s been still chilly these days.

He and Mitsuba are at a loss looking at Futaba, who’s trembling with goosebumps on her skins and having a runny nose. It seems she’s caught a terrible cold because of her light dressing.

Mitsuba: Does the character making mean to you that much?

Futaba: What is the character? It’s wa…wa…warm today!

She stumbles over the words.

Mitsuba: Are you a successor of some assassination kung-fu? You’re definitely pushing yourself, right? Man, you may have a fever as you look blushing.

She walks up to Futaba to take her temperature.

Yabe: Oh, it’s very nice of you, Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: N-No kidding! I just don’t want her to give me the cold… [Good grief]

As she turns back to Futaba, she sneezes so hard that she butts Mitsuba in the face with her snot splashing.

Yabe: Huh?

Poor Mitsuba gets knocked down bleeding a lot from the face.

Yabe: Oh, Mitsuba! Someone takes her to the medical center!

Hitoha: No, I don’t since she’s dirty.

She just walks away.

Futaba: My nose itches…

Did anyone bring Mitsuba to the center? Well, maybe Yabe did.

( to be continued )


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