All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-1

Even after the class began, Futaba is still suffering from the cold.

Yabe: Today, I’m teaching you about the mean and how to calculate it. First…

Futaba blows her nose hard with kleenex.

Futaba: ( My nose wouldn’t stop running. I could be killed by dehydration as it goes! )

She has a picture of a newspaper telling a poor 6th-grade student died of her runny nose, as well as an article in a magazine where Mitsuba got interviewed and saying “My sister died of her runny nose!”. She even has the image of Hitoba publishing a novel about her death, of which title is “The cause of my older sister’s death is a runny nose” and the book even became a million seller.

Futaba: ( What a grief… )

Plus, she’s so shocked to know there’s no paper left in her tissue-pack.

Futaba: ( Oh, my Tissue!! Has the god forsaken me?! Now, I’ve got to do with the notebook… )

There’re a lot of pictures of boobs in her notebook, which says “I want to eat boobs with wasabi sauce”

Futaba: ( I can’t! It’s too shame to waste these drawings! Why do the doodles when I casually draw become so good? All is up. I have no textbook either… )

She’s attending classes without textbooks. Then, she lets out a big sneeze.

Futaba: Ahchoo!!

It’s so strong that her snot even reaches onto the back of Yabe, who’s writing on the chalkboard.

Tabe: Then, dividing by the number of people, you can calculate the mean…

Futaba: Y-Yabe-chi!!

She tries to mention her sticky snot on his back, which he hasn’t realized yet.

Yabe: Yes, Futaba?

Girl: Teacher, the letters on the board are wrong.

Yabe: Huh?

Futaba: Yabe-chi!

Girl: The letters, teacher!

As he turns around, Futaba’s snot gets twisted round his torso, and it holds him up in the end.

Yabe: Oh, please don’t speak at the same time! “Good grief”

Futaba: ( Jeez! He’s got wounded more! I’m taking it off of you right now! )

She starts winding her snot with her arms, which is so fast that Yabe is spinning and dazed.

Yabe: Oh, no!!!

Girl: Please correct the mistake without spinning!

Yabe: I-I know but…

Futaba: ( I’m sorry! … Ugh! )

She tries to tear the rope-like snot off her arms but in vain.

Futaba: ( I can’t move it… )

( to be continued )


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