All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-2

Futaba got a bad cold and is now suffering from a drowsiness in a class.

Yabe: The average time of these four people was 8.6 sec. A was 7.8 and…

Futaba: ( Yabe-chi is a great hypnotist… )

She’s going to doze off when she finds her arms are bound by her own rope-like snot.

Futaba: ( Ah! I can’t sleep on my face down with this! But I can’t resist this creeping up drowsiness… )

She ends up falling asleep bending back on Mitsuba’s desk in right behind her.

Mitsuba: Eek!!

She’s so surprised to see Futaba’s ugly face with a lot of snot.

Mitsuba: What’s this? Disgusting!

She tries to push Futaba back.

Mitsuba: Go asleep after facing forward! Rather, shut your eyes when you sleep!!

She pokes her head again and again to wake her up.

Mitsuba: Hey, hey, hey!!

With the effort, Futaba half wakes up stretching her arms but her snot sticks on Mitsuba’s face at the same time.

Mistuba: W-What a fitly arm! Unbelievable, sticky!!

Yabe: You’re loud…

Mitsuba: Jeez, go forward!!

She grabs Futaba’s shoulders to push her back, but Futaba catches Mitsuba’s arms as a counter then…

Futaba: Ahchoo!!

As the reaction of her big sneeze, she throws Mitsuba over her shoulder. Poor Mitsuba is knocked down on the floor again.

Futaba: You’d catch a cold if you sleep there, Mit-chan?

Yabe: Oh, someone takes her to the health center!!

Hitoha: No, I don’t. She’s dirty.

Maybe Yabe brought her there after all.

( to be continued )


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