All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-3

Mitsuba has been to the health center accompanied with Yabe and Futaba. It seems she’s got an injury with the forehead.

Yabe: I’m sorry about my students always bothering you…

Kuriyama: No worry. It’s a proof that kids are doing great. Now, where’s the disinfectant?

Mitsuba’s forehead is being pretty red and swollen, and is getting pretty upset as well.

Futaba: [Laughs] You looks like a Hinomaru-Bento! ( a box lunch with a red pickled plum in the center of the rice )

Mitsuba: ( This bitch, Futaba!! )

She remembers how she got like this.

Mitsuba and Futaba(flashback): Hit, cover, scissors-paper-rock!

They were playing a game in their classroom a few minutes ago. The winner of scissors-paper-rock takes up a stick to hit the head of the opponent and the loser puts on a helmet herself before getting hit by the winner. It keeps going until the loser fails to defense in time.

This time, Mitsuba was the loser of a scissors-paper-rock, so she quickly put on a helmet before Futaba hit her, however Futaba didn’t stop swinging down the bat onto the hard hat and, even worse, she broke it up in pieces as well as striking Mitsuba’s forehead hard. This was the reason she got injured.

Now, getting back to the medical center.

Mitsuba: [To Futaba] Go away! How many times do you want to nearly kill me right after the animation started?!

Futaba: [Laughs]

Yabe: There, there, Mitsuba.

Just then, a student comes to the medical center.

( to be continued )


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