All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-4

A student comes while Mitsuba and the others are at the medical center.

Student: I’m from 4-1 class bringing our urine samples for the exam.

Kuriyama: OK, thank you.

She receives a plastic bag from the girl, which is filled with many urine samples of students.

Futaba: Oh, is it the urine for 30 students?

Kuriyama: That’s right… Ugh!!

She falls on the way back and the things inside the bag scatter on the floor.

Yabe: Oh, urine!

Futaba: She’s stumbled over nothing! Is this a dojikko(=extreme clumsy girl) in a legend?!

Kuriyama: Oh my!

She tries to gather the scattered samples putting her hands and knees on the floor, which leads trampling some of the samples by accident, and no surprisingly, the urine comes out of the samples.

Yabe: Watch your knees, Kuriyama! You’re stamping them!

Kuriyama: What? Oh, no!!

She stamps more samples with her soles as she stands up.

Kuriyama: Ahhh!!!

Now, she slips and falls on the slippery floor with urine. The rest of the urine samples are splashed onto Yabe, Futaba and Mitsuba as the consequence.

Mitsuba: U-Urine, urine!!

Yabe: A-Are you all right, Kuriyama… Ugh!!

He walks up to her and slips over the urine as she did.

Futaba: It’s the uric skating rink!

They’re getting loud in a panic.

Kuriyama: You know, please be quiet. A sleeping student over there…

Mitsuba: It’s all up to you! Actually, you need to take care of me now! Are you going to kill me bleeding?

Yabe: Cool down…

Mitsuba: Don’t touch me with urine all over!

Kuriyama: I-I’m sorry!!

After getting settled once, she finally begins treatment for Mitsuba.

Kuriyama: I’m so sorry…

Yabe: Anyone makes a mistake, right?

Kuriyama: But, I’m too shamed of myself…

Mitsuba: Good grief.

Kuriyama puts cotton on Mitsuba’s bump and pours urine in a sample instead of disinfectant by mistake.

Mistuba: It stinks!! It’s urine!

She slaps her hand.

Kuriyama: I mistook it as the disinfectant! I’m sorry!

Mitsuba: How can you make a mistake at all! You mean to kill me, do you?!

Kuriyama: No, I’m sorry!

Mitsuba: Huh!

She kicks her chair off.

Mitsuba: I’m doing myself! I don’t know how many lives I have to lose as it goes!

( to be continued )


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