All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-5

After messing up urine samples received from students, Kuriyama has been mixing them up with anything else by mistake.

Kuriyama: [Sigh]

Yabe: Here you go.

He makes her coffee to relax.

Kuriyama: Thanks.

Mitsuba: What a fool, Futaba!

She’s punishing her by stretching her mouth to both sides.

Futaba: Ugh!!

Mitsuba: All trouble I’ve been getting is of you after all!

Kuriyama sighs again.

Yabe: Don’t be so depressed.

Kuriyama: Maybe I’m not very suited for this job…

She takes out something out of pocket and pours it into coffee.

Yabe: Urine! That’s urine, Kuriyama!!

Kuriyama: Oh, I thought it was milk!

She even starts weeping and takes off her glasses. She looks more beautiful to Yabe when she takes them off.

Yabe: You must be tired.

Kuriyama: I don’t know…

She picks up something on the desk and drops the liquid into her eyes as an eye lotion.

Yabe: So that’s URINE!!

Kuriyama: Eek!! I can’t take it anymore!!

Mitsuba: That’s just my line! You sucker!

Then, another student appears.

( to be continued )


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