All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-6

Kuriyama has been mixing up urine samples of students. Now another student shows up with their samples.

Student: Here’s the urine samples of 3-4 class.

Kuriyama receives the bag again, but she’s pretty nervous this time.

Yabe: Be careful…

Futaba: Relax.

Yabe: Watch your steps.

They follows her not to fall again.

Kuriyama: Y-Yes… Ah!

She’s stunned at objects on the way; some desks and Mitsuba sitting in one of the chairs.

Futaba: I won’t let anything get in the way!

She kicks around them all.

Mitsuba: Jeez!

The desks and chairs are broken in pieces and the way’s clear now.

Futaba: I’ll take care of hurdles for you!

Mitsuba and Yabe are totally awkward with Futaba.

Kuriyama: Thank you, well, Futa… Mitsu… Hito… Mitsuha-chan.

Futaba: I’m Futaba… Please remember my name faster…

At last, Kuriyama has managed to carry a bag of urine samples to the point without falling.

Yabe: Is it the place to keep the urine samples?

There’re a couple of couches behind the curtain. Many bags have been placed on them already.

Kuriyama: Yeah!

Her hands are shaking to hold the bag.

Yabe: Please put it down softly.

Kuriyama: Y-Yes…

And she does put it down on the bed successfully.

Kuriyama: I did it!

Yabe: Congratulations!

Futaba: Way to go, Kuriyama-chi!

They are pleased at each other with her success, when suddenly Hitoha gets up from the bed. They’re all frightened by her and the incredible numbers of urine samples are dropped out of the bags to the floor. They stamp the samples getting panicked.

Yabe: Oh, you’re stamping again, Kuriyama!

Kuriyama: Ugh!

Futaba: This is the Urine Civil War!

Hitoha: …Noisy…

Kuriyama: I didn’t realize her!

Mitsuba: I’m going to die of the stress.

She gets out of the room by herself. A bandage on her forehead comes off and she starts bleeding out of anger again.

( to be continued )


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