All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-8

Yabe didn’t know that Hitoha had been breaking in his apartment on weekends to meet Nipple. Then, next morning, he wakes up in the very early morning with fear.

Yabe: She hasn’t come yet? No, it’s still 5:00… Ah! Nipple’s gone!

He finds the cage’s open for some reason.

Yabe: Maybe he ran away during night? Now what?! I’m going to…

Then, the someone’s footsteps hear from the staircase, at which he’s so scared.

Yabe: H-Hitoha’s coming!

In his mind, she’s outraged at him looking for Nipple.

Hitoha(image): Where’s Nipple? Where did you leave Nipple?

Yabe: My sanctuary’s got to be messed up!

He’s afraid of his hentai collections being destroyed as she’s searching Nipple.

Yabe: Nipple, where are you? Nipple! Please!

He desperately looks for the hamster but in vain. Meanwhile Hitoha is getting closer to his apartment walking up the stairs.

Yabe: Nipple! Nipple! Please answer me!

Hitoha finally gets to the door and puts the duplicate key into it. Yabe is almost crying to hear the sound and her terrifying face looks through the gap. However they find there’s still a door chain left, which prevents her from intruding the room.

Hitoha: I know you’re there, teacher.

Yabe: ( So scary! )

She swings the door chain up and down to get him unlock it.

Hitoha: If you don’t, I’d be giving out copies of the tape to all, of course to Kuriyama too.

Yabe: W-Where are you Nipple?

Just then, Nipple turns up under a bookshelf.

Yabe: There he is! Wait!

Nipple runs straight up to the door.

Yabe: He’s getting out… Shut the door, Hitoha!

He slips over a rug mat chasing Nipple, then he dives against the door. Hitoha is surprised at him and shuts the door hard. He ended up hitting the head against the door, getting caught his arm in the door, and being bitten by Nipple.

Yabe: Ugh!!!

His screaming is so loud that even crows get away.

Hitoha: I missed you, Nipple.

She looks happy to meet the hamster.

Yabe: W-Would you please bring back Nipple to your home on weekends?

Hitoha: My home’s not safe, although I once said I’d raise it at home.

In her image, Nipple gets abused by her sisters if he stayed her home.

Futaba(image): Oh, I’m sorry.

She stamps the cage by accident.

Mitsuba(image): Squash, a tiny one! Squash, a tiny one!

Yabe: I guess so…

Then, poor Yabe kept being visited by Hitoha on weekends.

( to be continued )


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