All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-9

Today, kids are enjoying fishing and catching bugs in Kamohashi Nature Park. Futaba is carrying Mitsuba on her shoulders to catch a cicada.

Futaba: You’re so nice to help me catch cicadas, Mit-chan!

Mitsuba: No worry. It’s my duty as your older sister. [Giggling] ( I just want to see your happy look on your face turns into despair as you’re caring for the tiny bug! )

It seems she’s planning to kill a cicada by stamping its cage just in front of Futaba at home.

Mitsuba: ( I can’t wait to see the moment! ) Ugh!

She suddenly hits the head against a branch.

Futaba: Wanna get higher?

Mitsuba keeps hitting the head as Futaba repeats jumping.

Mitsuba: Ow! Ugh! Hey! Wait… Stop already!

She’s dizzy and bleeding a lot from the head. Not to get hurt by Futaba anymore, she decides to climb up the tree herself.

Mitsuba: You wait and see. I’ll let you know the despair of the earth!

She climbs up to a higher branch as Futaba is watching her doing it. Then she hears other boys talking.

Boy: I caught it! Look, it’s a red swamp crawfish!

Boy: Great! You did it!

It’s terribly enough to lure Futaba’s attention to them. In the meantime, Mitsuba just finds a cicada on the branch.

Mitsuba: Here he is!

As she reaches out a hand for the cicada, the branch she’s been standing on suddenly snaps. She barely hangs on a branch before falling. Looking at below herself, it seems rather higher than she thought. Now she’s being totally panicked.

Mitsuba: F-Futa… Futa… FUTABA!!

But Futaba’s already been to the boys for their crawfish.

Mitsuba: Where did she go!? OK, relax. Moving side to the trunk and…

As she moves her right hand, something touches on her fingers. She stops moving.

Mitsuba: What? Is this a cicada?! “You’re getting in the way! Leave or I’ll press you!”

But for some reason, the cicada wouldn’t fly away.

Mitsuba: I’m not feeling sorry for you! I’m in two minds just because I don’t want my hand to get dirty when you’re pressed!

Just then, some boys comes by the tree.

( to be continued )


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