All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP2-10

Mitsuba is hanging on a branch not to fall since there isn’t Futaba under the tree who’s supposed to help her. Now, some boys just come by.

Chiba: Are these… legs?

Mitsuba: ( They’re Sato and Chiba in my class! ) H-Help…

Chiba: Profiling the panties, I assume she’s a 5 or 6 years old preschooler.

As Mitsuba is wearing a mini skirt, her panties are easily seen by the boys.

Mitsuba: ( A preschooler!? )

Maybe her panties look like a diaper. Anyway, she’s pretty shocked by his analyzation.

Mitsuba: ( I’m, as a 6th grader, showing off my authority to all graders in school! If they spread the fact I love preschooler’s panties… [Noooo!] What happens to my status and honors that I’ve been building up… )

Sato: Stop stupid profiling. Hey, I’ll help you soon, stranger.

But Mitsuba shoots her right sandal at Sato.

Sato: Ow!

Chiba: Sato?! Hey, don’t you see we’re helping you!

Mitsuba: I-I’m only a 5 or 6 years old preschooler who you don’t know! Get away!

She swings her legs hard to keep them away.

Chiba: What’s the guy?

Sato: She can’t be 5 or 6 years old with this strength.

Mitsuba: Get away now! Quick! Already!

Chiba: Hanging on there forever, sucker! Let’s go, Sato!

Sato: OK.

In the end, they’re gone and Mitsuba lost a chance to land safely.

Mitsuba: I used my energy for nothing…

The cicada is still on the branch, where she wants to grab to get off the tree.

As it’s become sunset, Futaba says good bye to the boys she’s been playing with.

Boys: Good bye!

Futaba: Let’s do it again someday! Wow, plenty of crawfishes!

She’s so satisfied with the crawfishes in a bucket.

Futaba: Oh, crows singing, I go home! It was a good catch!

She goes back home forgetting about Mitsuba. In the meantime, she’s still hanging on the branch.

Mitsuba: I can’t go anywhere if I keep doing like this – fall or flatten. Yeah, a life of cicada is just a week or so. There’s no doubt which is more important a bug or myself. It’s of course…

She determines to to kill the cicada to move, still she can’t hold back tears coming off her eyes. After a while, she shows up home getting pretty dirty and skinned all over.

Mitsuba: I’m home.

Futaba: Hitoha, I fished crawfishes today!

Hitoha: Huh.

They’re talking in the living room.

Futaba: It was a good catch! I’ll scrape the skins of live flogs, then feeding it.

Not only Hitoha but also Mitsuba are pretty shocked to hear this.

Futaba: Oh, welcome home, Mitchan. Where did you go?

Mitsuba: This, this daemon in sheepskin! You actually meant to leave behind me, didn’t you!

Futaba: Oh, I just remembered it!

Mitsuba: Die, right now!

Futaba: Sorry, I’m really sorry!

Hitoha: You’re dirty, Mitchan. Get out of the house now.

Mitsuba: I’m injured! Be nice to me at least! You die, all!

The cicada back in the park finally flies off the tree in the meantime. Mitsuba chose the way to save him after all. Maybe she isn’t that cruel as she’s supposed to be.

( to be continued )


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