All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3

“Lots of suspicious people”

Futaba: “Ahchoo!”

Sato: Did you catch a cold again, Futaba? It’s nealy summer, eh?

His name’s Shinya Sato, an honor student, maybe.

Futaba: It’s the experiment, you know.

Sato: Experiment?

Futaba: Right. Towards the summer, I’m finding out how much cooler I can feel when taking off my panties.

Sato: Oh, man!

Futaba: It works pretty good!

She watches his pants next.

Futaba: Why don’t you try it too, Shin-chan?

Sato: No way! That’s stupid!

Futaba: You’re cold, Shin-chan!

Sato: What the heck…

Chiba: Hey, Sato.

Sato: What’s up, Chiba?

Chiba: You’re very close to Futaba, right?

Sato: Not really. We’ve just known each other for long.

Chiba: Then, have you ever seen that?

Sato: What’s that?

Chiba: Futaba’s panties.

Sato: Don’t kid yourself! Hey, what are you doing?

Chiba was reading a comic magazine and now he’s lifting it up for some reason.

Chiba: I’m just wondering if I can see the heroine’s panties in this comic.

His name’s Yudai Sato, a too healthy kid.

Sato: You’ve got to be crazy, right?

Chiba: I’m just kidding.

Sato: Don’t bring your comic book to the school, after all.

Chiba: Well, it’s time I stepped up to some hentai magazines from comic books.

Then Yabe shows up.

Yabe: You can’t have that book in school, Hitoha.

Hitoha scowls at him and is going to slap his face with her book.

Yabe: Ah! That wouldn’t work to me!

Stepping back quickly, he escapes from Hitoha before he gets slapping.

Chiba: ( What kind of the book? )

He peeks at Hitoha’s book from behind and he gets pretty excited with the pictures, which are the nude of women.

Chiba: A-Awesome!!

He can’t stop his nose bleeding. Just then, Hitoha shuts her book noticing him looking at it.

Sato: What’s the matter?

Chiba: Nothing…

Sato: Huh?

( to be continued )


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