All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-2

Sato and Chiba are arguing as they’re misunderstanding each other. Sato assumes Chiba is eager to see Hitoha’s panties, while Chiba actually wants to read her book. Now, Sato is on the way home by himself after school.

Sato: Chiba went back home leaving me behind. He’s going to be a criminal at this rate! What should I do…

Just then, he’s got Futaba’s image in mind.

Sato: Yes, how about asking Futaba to bring Sanjo’s panties to us?

Futaba(image): I’ve got plenty of panties for you, Shin-chan!

She takes a chain of Hitoha’s panties out of her pockets like a magician.

Sato: No, it’d be a disaster if I asked her! Then, how about sneaking into the triplets’ room for the panties…

He pictures himself seeking for panties in their room.

Sato: No! I’d be a criminal that way!

Just then, Hitoha bumps into him on the road. She seems to have escaped from something.

Sato: Sanjo?

Chiba: Sato! Hold down Ms. Sanjo for me!

Sato: Come to your senses already, Chiba! Listen to me, I can’t let you do it anymore…

Hitoha slips her book into Sato’s bag, which Chiba didn’t miss.

Chiba: All right, Sato. Let me see your thing!

Sato: Mine? Mine what…? Oh, man!

He takes it as if Chiba is now trying to see his panties.

Chiba: Hey, quick!

Sato: Are you OK even with mens?!

Chiba: Let me see the inside, the INSIDE!!

Sato: No, don’t touch me!

Chiba: Why not? It won’t harm anything!

As he keeps clinging to his body in order to retrieve Hitoha’s book in Sato’s bag, Sato feels it so creepy.

Sato: Ugh!!

Chiba: I’ll take the responsibility!

In the end, they kept doing this until the book turned out to be a fake. Hitoha took out of the true one after leaving the place.

( to be continued )


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