All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-3

One day after school.

Yabe: Hitoha, do you usually come home by yourself?

He notices her leaving the school alone.

Hitoha: Yup.

Yabe: Where’s Mitsuba and Futaba?

Hitoha: No idea.

Yabe: You know, it hasn’t been very safe these days.

Hitoha: I’m all right.

Yabe: But, well, you’re such a pretty girl, eh?

Hitoha: Ugh, you’re a lolicon!

Yabe: No, I’m not!! …Hey, why don’t you speak to the kids over there?

He points at three classmates getting ready to leave together.

Hitoha: No, I can’t.

Yabe: Just ask them “Can I get home together?”

Hitoha: No! Are you telling me to die, teacher?

She glares at him with a scary looking.

Yabe: Don’t exaggerate!

Then, the three girls pass by them.

Sugisaki: Good-bye, Yabe-chi!

Yabe: [to Hitoha] Now!

Hitoha: Uh, excuse me…

She holds Sugisaki’s shoulder roughly and looks up at her face, which Sugisaki is terribly scared by as well.

Sugisaki: Eek!!

Hitoha: ( She screamed! )

She’s pretty shocked by Sugisaki’s reaction to her.

Sugisaki: W-What?

Hitoha: ( It’s no good, not try to join them. ) Uh, please take care on the way home…

Again, her face and gesture look so scary to them.

Sugisaki: [Screaming]

Yoshioka: What do you say would happen to us?!

Miyashita: We’ve got to come home before it gets dark!

They leave school rushing and dashing.

Hitoha: Ah, I just meant to say “take care of themselves on the way”… Hey, it didn’t work!

Yabe: Don’t mad at me! You just need to a bit more relax and smile, right?

Hitoha: Hmm…

( to be continued )


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