All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-4

Yabe recommended Hitoha getting back home with some of her classmates but she wasn’t well socialized to make it out. She just scared her classmates away in the end.
A few days later then, after school.

Matsuoka: I’m sick of being the daily manager…

The daily manager works for the class for a day. Every student gets appointed to the job in turn.

Matsuoka: Oh, is that Sanjo?

She realizes her doing suspicious movement in the back of the room. Actually she’s in rehearsal of asking her classmates to come home together.

Matsuoka: ( She’s speaking to someone, no, something! )

Hitoha: ( Here’s a mosquito! )

She swings her both arms to get the mosquito away.

Matsuoka: ( She’s fighting against something invisible?! )

Hitoha: Get away, get away…

She gradually comes up to Matsuoka as she’s chasing the mosquito.

Hitoha: You’d get sucked, sucked!!

Matsuoka: ( What would suck me?! )

The mosquito flies on Matsuoka’s hand in the end and Hitoha slaps it. She holds her hand as the consequence of this.

Matsuoka: Oh!

Yabe: Congratulations, Hitoha!

He’s been watching them over the door by the way. Anyway, they both take it as Hitoha finally asked her classmate to come home together.

( to be continued )


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