All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-5

Finally, Hitoha is on the way home with one of her classmates named Matsuoka.

Hitoha: ( She invited me to come home together. Was it the result of my training? )

Matsuoka: So, you have that kind of constitution, Sanjo?

Hitoha: ( Does she mean the mosquito? ) Uh, maybe I tend to be their target.

Matsuoka: You do? Oh, that shouldn’t be very easy, right?

Hitoha: Not really. They appear a lot especially in summer, though.

Matsuoka: ( I know, there’s the Bon festival in summer too! )

Apparently, she assumes Hitoha could see the ghosts or something.

Matsuoka: I’m Sakuko Matsuoka, by the way.

Hitoha: I knew it.

Matsuoka: Oh, you did? We’re the classmates after all. ( I don’t know her first name myself… )

Hitoha: ( Well, should I speak to her something? )

Matsuoka: You know, I’ve been a big fan of you long! I’m so happy I can get home with you today!

She holds Hitoha’s hand tight.

Matsuoka: ( Jeez, I didn’t know Sanjo was the type to attract ghosts! )

Hitoha: Uh, is this…

She’s pretty confused at Matsuoka, who she supposes to be a yuri(=lesbian). She even releases her hand with trembling.

Matsuoka: Do you think it’s creepy?

Hitoha: Uh, well… ( We’ve never talked to each other so far! )

Matsuoka: You know, curiosity getting the better of fear, I’m studying by myself at night by watching movies!

She just likes watching some horror TV shows but it didn’t get to Hitoha right.

Hitoha: Watching movies at night?!

She supposes Matsuoka watching some lesbian stories by herself.

Girl(voice): Big sister!

Girl(voice): You’re so sweet, honey.

Hitoha is pretty embarrassed by her imagination.

Matsuoka: But, from now on, I’d like you to teach me a lot!

Hitoha: Ugh!!

She feels so creepy she even starts trembling.

Matsuoka: What’s the matter with you? You’ve been acting weird. Hey, Sanjo?!

In the meantime, Yabe is walking nearby.

Yabe: I wonder if Hitoha is doing well. Is she getting along with Matsuoka on the way?

He hears someone yelling.

Matsuoka: Go ‘way! From Sanjo! Go ‘Way!

She’s shaking Hitoha’s body so hard.

Yabe: Hey, what are you doing?!

Matsuoka: Please don’t stop me! I’m exorcising her right now!

Then, Hitoha glares at Yabe with scary face. She’s obviously blaming him for this disaster she’s experiencing.

Yabe: [Screaming!]

Matsuoka: Are you still staying there, evil spirit? Go ‘way, go ‘way, GO ‘WAY!!

She keeps shaking Hitoha’s body.

Yabe: Uh, I’m sorry I was wrong…

( to be continued )


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