All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-6

Hitoha: ( The damn season has come again… )

She’s looking out of the window when her new friend comes up to her.

Matsuoka: Summer is the season of ghosts, isn’t it, Sanjo?

Her name’s Sakuko Matsuoka, an occult freak. She believes Hitoha has some supernatural sense.

Matsuoka: As a beautiful, genius exorcist girl, you’d be bustling around in this season when the ghosts are surging over and over again, right? I can see why you’ve been so down.

Hitoha: ( This girl’s still got the big mistake of me. )

Matsuoka: Good luck, Sanjo!

Hitoha: Uh, I’m…

Matsuoka: Don’t be modest. You are a beautiful girl!

Hitoha: ( That’s not the point… )

Matsuoka: Oh, the swimming class is starting tomorrow by the way. I can’t wait!

They can see some students are cleaning the pool with a teacher.

Hitoha: ( The pool and swimming, these activities do nothing for human beings. )

Apparently Hitoha can’t swim, therefore she doesn’t like the swimming class in this season.

Hitoha: Damn, pool, damn…

Matsuoka: ( What about the pool? Oh, maybe there’re something with the pool?! ) Sanjo, why don’t we sneak in the pool tonight to get ready for the swimming class tomorrow?

Hitoha: Huh?

Matsuoka: Do as much as you can do for tomorrow! I’m helping you anything I can do, too!

Hitoha takes it as an offer from Matsuoka, which she’s going to give her some swimming lesson.

Matsuoka(image): It’s the breaststroke, Sanjo, keep up!

Hitoha: Oh, Matsuoka…

She’s a bit happy with her kindness at this point, though…

( to be continued )


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