All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-7

Hitoha has been down these days since the swimming class starts at school. Matsuoka invites her to come to the pool in the evening before the class starts. Hitoha takes it as she’s going to help her swim better, but…

Matsuoka: Now, let’s begin exorcising!

Hitoha: Exorcise?!

Matsuoka: Great, Sanjo! You’ve detected the sign of spirits around the pool, right?

Hitoha: ( What in the world am I doing? Even putting on my swimsuit under my dress… )

Matsuoka: Hey, what’s that?

She notices Hitoha’s gym bag, which usually carries towels, goggles, clothing, etc. in.

Matsuoka: I guess you’ve got some special tools to exorcise in there.

She opens the bag and finds her panties, which she’s got to wear after swimming.

Matsuoka: Is this used like this?

She’s masked with Hitoha’s panties.

Hitoha: G-Give it back to me!

She’s going to leave after snagging her panties.

Matsuoka: Where are you going? Don’t you exorcise?

Hitoha: I’m afraid but leave me alone, please.

She tells her with a bit upset tone.

Matsuoka: So, you mean…

She has Hitoha’s make-believe in mind.

Hitoha(image): I’m still an apprentice. You shouldn’t get involved with this side of the world.

Matsuoka: ( How modest and kind she is! )

She’s so impressed that she even starts crying, which makes Hitoha really confused.

Hitoha: ( Oh, no! I let her go crying! )

Matsuoka: I’m all right! I’ve made up my mind already! I’ve written a sutra on my skins all over so I wouldn’t be attacked by spirits!

She takes off her coat to show the texts of a sutra written on all over her skins. This is based on the story of Hoichi the earless, an old Japanese horror tale. Anyway, it’s a huge shocker to Hitoha.

Hitoha: OH MY GOD!!

Matsuoka: What’s wrong? Have you been possessed already?

Hitoha: It’s you who’s been possessed…

Matsuoka: Not yet. I’m pretty fine!

Hitoha: Uh, I think you’re out of your mind…

Matsuoka: Out of mind? You mean, your mind is assimilated with the spirits? I didn’t know you had such an ability too!

Hitoha: D-Don’t come!

Backing up slowly, she slips on the poolside and falls into the water.

Hitoha: Nooo!!!

( to be continued )


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