All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-8

Poor Hitoha fell into the water as she was backing up.

Matsuoka: Sanjo?! Oh, you’ve detected the spirits so you told me not to come, right?

It’s apparent that Hitoha is just drowning in the pool but Matsuoka doesn’t understand it.

Hitoha: H-Help…

Matsuoka: What an intense battle!

She thinks of Hitoha fighting against the spirits in the water.

Hitoha(image): Go ‘way, evil spirits!

Matsuoka: Go for it, Sanjo!

Hitoha: F-Float…

Matsuoka: I’m helping you too! [Chanting sutra]

Hitoha: Take that to me! I’m dying!

Matsuoka: What? Oh, maybe it is! Take it!

She throws Hitoha’s panties in the pool but not a float.

Hitoha: N-No!

Matsuoka: Huh? Do you need this, and this?

She throws in other stuff out of Hitoha’s bag, but not float.

Hitoha: I-I’m drowning…

In the end, she sinks into the water out of her strength.

Hitoha: ( Good bye my life. I’ll be cursing you forever! Cursing… curse… )

Just then, a school guard finds them.

Guard: What are you doing in here?!

In the end, Hitoha is saved by him just in time.

Matsuoka: It was an amazing job! Did you succeed in exorcising the spirits?

Guard: Exorcising? Wasn’t she drawing?

Matsuoka: No way! She’s never such a fool, right?

Hitoha shows off as she doesn’t want to be looked fool.

Hitoha: I-It was a tough one!

Guard: Huh?

Matsuoka: [Smiling]

Hitoha: ( I’m really cursing you!! )

The next day in the swimming class. A trouble is happening among the kids.

Yabe: What’s that, Matsuoka?!

They’re all scared of the texts of sutra on her skins.

Matsuoka: Actually, I used a permanent marker to write it…

Sugisaki: Creepy!

Miyashita: Are you out of your mind?

Matsuoka: This pool had been possessed by spirits! I did it to purify them…

Girls: Don’t come!

Kids just hate to see her scary looking.

Hitoha: ( My curse worked out! )

Matsuoka: Hey, don’t escape! Please explain to them, Sanjo! Oh, guys!

( to be continued )


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