All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-9

In the swimming class at school, kids are enjoying themselves each way. When the class’s over, they come to the locker room to change clothing.

Futaba: It was so fun! Now we don’t have to take a bath today, right?

Mitsuba: Not at all! …Oh?

She finds out a problem when she opens her gym bag. In the meantime, a suspicious bear-like man is running through the city holding kids’ panties in his hand. He’s sweating like a pig and people look at him suspiciously.

Sojiro: My kids… forgot… their panties as they put on swimsuits under the shirt before they left!

He’s Sojiro Marui, a bit suspicious daddy of the triplets.

Yabe: What? The triples’ panties were stolen?

Back in the school, the triplets, especially Mitsuba, is claiming their panties have been stolen.

Mitsuba: What a dirty act! Yet, I know it couldn’t be helped because mine’s going to be traded at a high price! Just my ones!

Futaba: Uh, I guess they weren’t stolen but…

Yabe: Did you look for it?

Mitsuba: Sure, I did, every nook and cranny!

She points at boys standing in a row, whose pants are all pulled down to make sure they aren’t wearing the triplets panties.

Yabe: Where are you looking for!

Mitsuba: You’d put it on after stealing, right?

Yabe: How could I know that!

On the other hand, the daddy finally arrives near the school.

Sojiro: Yes, here’s the pool.

Hitoha: Don’t you think it’s weird that only ours got stolen, Mit-chan?

Mitsuba: Yeah, not only mine but also yours.

Hitoha: I mean…

Futaba: Oh! The value of panties goes up as a pair of three!

She calculates a pair of single panties is 100 yen worth but a pair of three panties goes up to 500 yen worth.

Mitsuba: Oh, I see it! Hey, that’s terribly cheap!

Yabe: It’s not like some trading card…

Futaba: Oh, cheap?

Meanwhile, their daddy is climbing up the fence to get in the school, which looks obviously suspicious to the passerby.

Woman: What’s that?

As he’s up on the fence, he can finally sight his daughters and listen to their conversation.

Yabe: All right. I’m helping you look for that too. So, what kind of panties did you put on?

Futaba: Well…

Mitsuba: No idea.

Hitoha: So, from first…

Sojiro: Damn him!

He’s so angry because it looks like a young teacher trying to mess with his daughters.

Yabe[image]: H-Hey, what’s the color of your panties, kids?

Sojiro: ( What are you doing to my daughters!? )

He’s so upset he slips off the fence.

Sojiro: Are there any entrances?

He goes back and forth by the fence, which looks suspicious enough to the women nearby to call the police.

Woman: That guy is breaking into the school! [Calling in the police]

( to be continued )


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