All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP3-10

While the triplets’ daddy is hanging around over the school fence, their problem is getting louder.

Sugisaki: What’s the matter with them?

Yoshioka: They say their panties have gone.

Miyashita: OK, let’s look for them too!

Sugisaki: Oh, no…

Hitoha: ( Ugh, it’s too late to break them that we just forgot to bring… )

Mitsuba: I got it! The thief is Yabe-chi!

Not only the kids but also Yabe is very surprised.

Mitsuba: I know he’s been ogling at me for a long time! Futaba! He must be wearing three panties layered disguising a gentleman!

Futaba runs up to him and pulls down his pants in a moment.

Girls: [ Screeching ]

But he’s just wearing a pair of regular trunks. In the meantime, the triplets’ daddy is climbing up the fence again.

Sojiro: There’s no way but climbing up, after all…

Yabe: Watch it! How can I put them on?!

Sojiro: Damn guy, doing it again!!

He can see them from the top of the fence, where he takes it as a pervert is showing off his underwear to his daughters.

Yabe[image]: Look at my panties carefully, girls!

Sojiro: [Growling]

The next moment, he appears in front of them breaking through the fence with a big bang.

Yabe: The thief’s shown up!

Hitoha: D-Dad…

The triplets can see he’s brought their forgotten panties for them, still it’s pretty embarrassing happening that a sweaty bear-like man with young girls’ panties suddenly broke into the school.

Futaba: Oh, daddy!

Hitoha shuts her mouth immediately.

Sojiro: You, pervert!!

Yabe: My words!

They swear at each other.

Sojiro: Are you all right?

He walks up to his daughters.

Yabe: Don’t get close to them!

Sojiro: Hey, you’ve left behind this, right?

Mitsuba: [Ringing a bell] Ah!

Hitoha: You’ve finally realized?

Sato: Hey you, it hasn’t been stolen but…

Mitsuba is so shameful she doesn’t want to admit her wrong idea.

Sojiro: Get it?

He tries to hand over her panties but she slaps off it.

Mitsuba: Don’t touch me, panties thief!!

Sojiro: What are you saying?!

Just then, the squad cars arrive to the school.

Officer: Don’t move, pervert!!

They aims at Sojiro with guns.

Sojiro: What? No, I just came to deliver panties…

Mitsuba: Please take him away quick! Creepy!

Sojiro: Hey, kids!!

Futaba: I’m going with him too!

Officer: No, don’t get close to the pervert.

Sojiro: Wait a minute, hey!!

The police put him into the car and drive off.

Futaba: He’s gone…

Hitoha and Mitsuba can’t believe what’s just happened. And in the evening of the day, at their home.

Mitsuba: Let me out! I said I was sorry!!

Hitoha: I’m so sorry…

Their father kept them in a home storage for a punishment, who’s supposed to be released from the police. Only Futaba is allowed to have dinner since she didn’t tell a lie.

Sojiro: What the hell…

( to be continued )


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