All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP4

“Boobs, white panties and me”

Today, the kids are in art class and concentrated on sketching something.

Mitsuba: Stay still!

Yabe: It’s a little embarrassing…

It turns out that the model is their teacher.

Futaba: It’s completed!

Mitsuba gets so surprised by her loud voice that she sticks through her sketchbook with a pencil by accident.

Futaba: Here you go.

Yabe: Oh, it’s very quick. Did you draw me handsome?

But the picture is a woman in the nude, which makes him very confused.

Yabe: Who’s this?!

Futaba: Ah, did I draw the areola a little larger?

Yabe: That’s not the point!

Futaba: I pumped up my imagination as much as I could!

Yabe: You did it too much with everywhere! Draw just as you watch!

Futaba: I think I’ve drawn it well [boo]

Yabe: Good grief.

Hitoha: Teacher?

Yabe: Huh?!

He gets surprised by her voice, which hears from nowhere.

Hitoha: You don’t looked down on Futaba’s picture of boobs.

Yabe: Is this your voice, Hitoha? Where are you?

He looks around in the room but can’t find her. Then, he senses something under the chair he’s sitting in.

Yabe: [Screaming]

Hitoha is looking up at him there and is sketching Nipple( hamster ).

Yabe: Hey, please don’t lurk under my feet, uh, you know, please sketch me not the hamster.

Hitoha: Never mind. You shouldn’t look down on Futaba’s picture boobs.

He wonders why her picture boobs and glances at around Futaba’s breasts.

Yabe: I’d never look into them!!

Hitoha: She has an unusual attachment to boobs. There’re always boobs when Futaba gets serious, even though she’s just playing around otherwise. She’s a craftsman of boobs who’s pursuing the ideal ones – sometimes even a strict wanderer! Her sophisticated boobs are the most beautiful than any other artists and… HOT!!

She explains Futaba’s various ways of approaching the boobs. Painting, claying art, calligraphy, and preparatory drawing.

Yabe: Uh, Hitoha…?

Hitoha: Look, her serious face!

Yabe: So, is she still drawing boobs?

Hitoha: Why not?

( to be continued )


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