All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP5-8

Even after the swimming class, Mitsuba hasn’t given up competing their busts yet.

Mitsuba: It hasn’t done yet, although it’ll be my blowout anyway!

Sugisaki: Do as you like.

Looking at Sugisaki’s bra, Mitsuba hits on an idea.

Sugisaki: What?

Mistuba: That’s it! By putting your bra on me, it’ll give us an instant result!

Sugisaki: N-No, you can’t! Give it back to me!

Mitsuba runs off with the bra to try it on outside the room.

Mitsuba: Let me see…

Strictly speaking, she puts the bra on her swimming suit.

Sugisaki: Hey!

Mitsuba: I-It’s tight! It’s tight!!

Sugisaki: Oh, my god…

She’s so shocked at the result.

Mitsuba: It’s my big win! Now, speak to me with respect words, and plus with my title! And you kneel to me when I pass you by!

Sugisaki: Pulling up demands…

Mitsuba: Now I won another slave for me…

Then, boys come up to them after changing their clothing.

Chiba: What are you doing?

Sato: Why are you doing such an avant-garde fashion?

Boy: Awesome!

They’re surprised to see Mitsuba’s wearing bra on the swim suit. She’s a bit ashamed of it so tries to take it off, but she can’t take the hook off easily.

Mitsuba: H-Hey, take it off.

Sugisaki: Huh? What did you say?

Boys are starring at Mitsuba with curious looks, which makes her feel more embarrassed.

Mitsuba: I mean, I want you to take it off.

Sugisaki: Excuse me? I can’t hear you.

Mitsuba: Take it off…

Sugisaki: What?

Mitsuba: B-Bra…

Boys are staring at her even more curiously.

Sugisaki: Tell me what you want, a hentai girl who just looks great in the avant-garde fashion?

Mitsuba: …T-Take off…

Sugisaki: Pardon?

Mitsuba: Please take off this brassiere!

In the end, she starts crying and begging to Sugisaki.

Just then, Hitoha appears from the locker room.

Hitoha: You feel the bra tight because it doesn’t fit your under bust, don’t you?

Mitsuba: What’s the under bust?

Hitoha: The size around your torso just below your breasts. You don’t feel so tight with the top of the bra?

In fact, the cup is perfectly fitting to her size.

Hitoha: The reason a halter top bra feels tight is just because of your fat around the torso, this bitch!

Mitsuba: B-Bitch…

It’s a bit weird that Hitoha becomes such a harsh character.

Hitoha: ( I thought I’d tell her this but I didn’t because she’s so poor. )

( to be continued )


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