All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP5-9

Futaba shows a paper to her daddy.

Futaba: Tomorrow is school open day! We read out essays about my father!

Sojiro: That sounds nice.

Mitsuba: Huh? Are you coming to school? You’d get arrested as a suspicious person after all, right?

Sojiro: ( Actually, I don’t remember how many times I got caught by the police even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I got caught just delivering my daughters’ panties. They called to me to stop just going to the supermarket. They even took it as kidnapping when I returned home after playing with my kids. For 100%, I always get questioned by the police when I’m walking alone in the evening! )

In short, he has a bit criminal looking.

Mitsuba: I never want to get embarrassed at school because of you!

Sojiro: Watch your mouth…

Just then, Futaba clings to his neck.

Futaba: No! You have to come, dad, really!

Mitsuba: Well, if only shaving the face and wearing a suit.

Sojiro: I should look thinner with this beard, right?

Mitsuba: No way. It’s no use struggling of you. Anyway, I’d never speak to you if you appeared as you’re!

Sojiro: She really hates me…

Futaba: Dad, let’s take a bath together!

She plays pumping out the water with her hands like a water pistol.

Sojiro: Good-bye, my beard…

He’s just about to shave when a small fly stops on his face.

Futaba: Oh, wait! A fly!

She tries to shoot the fly by pumping the water but, as she’s not an ordinary girl, the power is so strong that he gets shaken down so hard.

Sojiro: Oh, it’s…

He finds one of his eyebrows is completely removed in the mirror.

Mitsuba: You’ve shaved?

Since she opens the bathroom’s door to check up on him, he hides the eyebrow not to be seen.

Sojiro: I-I’m just about to shave them.

Futaba: Oh, the fly’s gone.

Mitsuba: Shave them all without any leaving, OK?

Sojiro: Shave them all…? Oh, I got it!

( to be continued )


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