All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP5-10

Next day, Sojiro, the triplets’ father, comes to their school visiting day. Despite his all effort, the other parents get terribly scared of him that a school janitor even makes a phone call to the police. Why they’re so scared? Well, that’s because he’s shaven up not only his beard but also all the hair. And he’s even wearing black suit, sun-glasses, tie, shoes, and a gold watch, all of which make him look like an exact yakuza(=mafia).

Sojiro: ( As Mitsuba told me to shave up all, I definitely look like a nice and fine daddy now! This black suit makes me look slimmer and this black sun-glasses adds a sharp impression to me! )

Mitsuba is just being angry with his today’s appearance.

Miyashita: Who’s that bodyguard?

Yoshioka: He looks scary!

Mitsuba: ( I actually asked him to shave the beard, but what’s the matter with his head?! )

He sends a smile to his daughter, which just makes the kids even more scared of him.

Mitsuba: ( Not only I’ll never speak to him, I won’t see his eyes, either! )

Anyway, the class begins and students read out their essays about their parents.

Girl: Stay fine, daddy. Thank you.

Yabe: Next, your turn, Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: Yes…

Sojiro is pretty anticipating his daughters’ essays.

Mitsuba: I love daddy.

Just then, Sojiro and Mitsuba herself get confused.

Mitsuba: ( T-This is Futaba’s… It must have slipped into my bag by mistake! ) Hey, Futaba!

But she’s just nodding off at desk.

Futaba: I can’t eat anymore…

Yabe: What’t the matter?

He walks up to Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: Uh, well…

Being in the center of the attention of all classmates and their parents, she realizes she can’t get away with this. She begins to read out Futaba’s essay even crying.

Mitsuba: I love my daddy the most in the world! He’s strong, big, nice, although a bit scary when he’s mad at me. I take a bath with him everyday and sleep together at times!

Sugisaki: Seriously?

Yoshioka: I couldn’t figure!

Mitsuba: I’ll marry to him when I’m grown up! Thank you!

Yabe: Uh, it’s a very nice essay directly conveying her strong love to her father.

While Mitsuba is dying because of this embarrassing experience, Sojiro is so moved to tears.

Sojiro: ( I-I was a fool! I believed she just hated me! I love you too, Mitsuba! )

His eyes are shining like a child.

( to be continued )


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