All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP5-11

Sojiro, the triplets’ father, got so moved by Mitsuba’s essay, which had been mistaken with Futaba’s one.

Yabe: Next, Futaba. Futaba!

She’s been nodding off at class, even though their father is in here. She’s too sleepy to realize the essay isn’t that she written herself.

Futaba: Huh? (Reading Mitsuba’s essay) My father is dirty, smelling, and hopeless.

Sojiro is so shocked to hear the words out of her mouth.

Futaba: Actually, he’s so annoying at his day offs doing nothing at home. I wish he could stop that stinky gas, too. Thank you.

She falls asleep again just finishing the essay.

Sojiro: Fu… Futaba…

Looking back on her many smiles send to him since she was very small, he seems he can’t believe what she just said. This time, he’s so sad to tears.

Sojiro: Wooo!!!

He runs out of the room charging the door, rushing through the hallway, slipping off from the top of the stairs and throwing himself into the air. He even falls from the 4th or 5th stories breaking the window glasses. Luckily, his thick fat saves him from injuries when he hits on the ground, however he’s been already surrounded by many squad cars and the officers.

Police: He’s there! Wait! I’ll shoot you on the run!

All the students and parents at Yabe’s class are quite shocked to be watching the whole incident going on.

Sojiro: W-Wait! I just came for the school visiting day!

Police: A parent?! No parent wouldn’t look like you!

He’s get caught by the police in the end.

Police: Don’t move!

Sojiro: P-Please listen to me! Futaba! Mitsuba! Hitoha!

He’s taken away in the police car, again.

Futaba: Huh? I feel like I heard my daddy’s voice.

Yabe: …

As Mitsuba’s expectation, he gets into trouble with the police, after all.

The trailer segment.

Miyashita: A sports day’s finally coming! Hey, you both doesn’t look very fine, Yoshioka and Sugisaki! Splashing sweats, exuding youths, and winner’s glories! Can’t you be more excited?!

Sugisaki: She’s as usual.

Yoshioka: Because that’s Miyachan.


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