All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP7-5

Futaba is looking for the picture on the tree.

Futaba: Where’s daddy’s picture gone?! Where!?

Then, she sees it fluttering down on the ground, where Ogata rushes in and catches it.

Ogata: I’ve got the picture!

Her friends have arrived as well.

Ito and Kato: Ogachin!!

When they arrive there, Futaba and Ogata are fighting on the ground. They wouldn’t let go the grip of the picture each other.

Futaba: Cut it out! This picture is my treasure!

Ogata: No matter how strong bond you have with him, I can never accept just watching it!

She’s even having her eyes watering.

Ogata: I’ve been in love with him so long! I’d never lose you!

Futaba is quite amazed at her determination and finally let the picture go.

Ogata: Huh?

Futaba: I’ll give you the picture.

Ogata: Oh, Futaba…

Futaba: I didn’t know that you loved him that much, Ogachin.

Ogata: Do you acknowledge me to be your rival?

Futaba: Hey, why don’t you come and take a bath with three of us today?

Ogata: Oh, what?!

Futaba: For our better friendship. No?

Ogata is pretty puzzled at Futaba’s sudden offer. Taking a bath with Sato would be so nice but embarrassing as well.

Ogata: S-Sure, I will!

Futaba: [Smile]

Ito and Kato: Wow, I envy you, Ogachin.

In the evening, Ogata is in the bathroom with Futaba at Maruis home.

Futaba: Mr. Duck, Mr. Duck.

She’s playing a small duck toy in the bath tub, while Ogata is being quite nervous what will happen in a moment. She believes Sato will show up to join them.

Ogata: ( Taking a bath with Sato… With SATO!! )

She hears the sound someone taking off his clothes over the door.

Ogata: ( Now he’s come!! He’s coming in!! )

Then the door opens and she turns around blushing her cheeks.

Ogata: Sa… Sato-kun…

However, the naked man standing there is Sojiro, Futaba’s father, a hairy man like a bear.

Futaba: Mr. Duck, Mr. Duck.

Poor Ogata is just crying out for help.

Ogata: NOOOOO!!!

( to be continued )


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