All different kinds of OTAKU

Mitsudomoe EP7-7

The Party of Adoring Sato shows up to save Sato, who’s been threatened his life by Futaba this morning.

Ogata: What are you doing to Sato!

Ito: He’s suffering!

Kato: Stop it!

Chiba: I hate your way of this!

He just jealous of him being protected by girls even not asking them.

Sato: It’s not my own fault…

Futaba: Shinchan loves panties so much! So, I’ll show him mine!

Sato: Hey!

Girls: Oh, what?!

Ogata: ( She’s so aggressive! )

Ito: ( At this rate, we’re going to have Sato… )

Kato: ( Taken by Futaba! )

The girls take it all wrong again.

Ogata: Even I can show my panties…

Kato: Me too…

Ito: Me too!

They’re also going to show him their panties, even though it’s so embarrassing.

Sato: Hey, are you all gone crazy?!

He runs away.

Futaba: Wait, Shinchan!

Ogata: We’re not going to give him to Futaba!!

They starts running after Sato as well, when other girls speak to them.

Girl: What’s going on?

Ogata: You’re the next door class’s… Showing Sato your panties, then you could be his girlfriend!

Girl: Oh, really?

Then, the rumor immediately spread through the school girls by girls.

Girls: The one who shows him your panties becomes his girlfriend!

Girls: What, panties?!

Girls: You can be Sato’s girlfriend!

It even gets to a janitor woman.

Janitor: Could I be his girlfriend?!

Meanwhile Sato is taking a break running out of breath.

Futaba: I found you, Shinchan!

He turns at her and gets quite shocked to know the number of girls have immensely increased. Now he’s being run after by the horde of the women including the janitor.

Sato: Don’t come!!

Horde: Panties! Panties!!

Ogata: Jeez, there are other ones who also want to be his girlfriend!

It wasn’t her plan increasing rivals.

Ogata: Still, I won’t lose anyone!

Sato returns into his class.

Sato: Save me, Chiba! It’s you who talked Futaba into this after all!

Chiba: Is it your look after all?! A handsome man could do anything even if he’s a pervert?!

Sato: Oh, no! I’m not a pervert!

Just then, Futaba jumps up and kicks Sato, who barely dodges it but bumps against Chiba. The other Admiring-Sato girls also arrive there but they’re pretty shocked at the sight. Being hit against each other, Chiba’s pants got pulled down and showing his underpants.

Janitor: This means…

Ogata: Showing panties first…

Futaba: The winner is Chiba!

Boys: What!?

Ogata: Chiba is Sato’s girlfriend…

The girls are so disappointed that they’re dismissed immediately.

Janitor: If only I were 50 years younger.

The boys never want to be thought of “Boy meets boy” type.

Chiba and Sato: Don’t give up!!

( to be continued )


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