All different kinds of OTAKU

About Blog ( Read me first )

This blog is based on the following purpose.

1. Improving my English.

2. For the people who can’t read Japanese well, but interested in, wants to figure out Japanese Otaku culture.


In this blog, I suppose to write something about Otaku work. Mostly it would be current Japanese animation TV, especially late shows. So if you don’t live in Japan, it would not be familiar with you. I guess, however, you could feel a part of Japanese Otaku-ism.

I’m a novice of English, so you could see many mistakes in my text. So I appreciate if you guys would be good enough to overlook them, or you could be kind to give me an advice. I’ll do my best.


NOTICE ( For especially Japanese visitors )

This blog may include some details of the story. So if you don’t want to know further information about it, you’re planning to enjoy in the future, it’s better to be careful about each title when you read it.

Thank you 🙂

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