All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP2-2


The side of Otaku people’s pastime. Part-2

Sasahara finally came to Toranoana and started to check out dojinshi to his heart’s content. Now he stopped at the “Bishoujo (Cute girl) Game” section.

Sasahara: ( I think the Bishoujo Game stands for adult PC games, right? But I’m not sure about re-making them into adult dojinshi again, even though they did have porn scenes in themselves originally. )

In case if you aren’t sure about dojinshi, mainly adult ones, I tell you one very basic reason for them. In most case, dojinshi are written because you want to see porno-lized characters and scenes in them, who originally came from nothing like that. This is where he couldn’t see the point in taking adult PC games as the theme of adult dojinshi.

Now back to the story. He walks up to the next section “Fighting Game”. Now you may have understood this is the section of dojinshi taking its theme from fighting video games like Strxxt Fixxter or Texxen.

Sasahara: ( Oh, fighting games! They sure suit my need! )

He’s in two minds which dojinshi to go with.

Sasahara: ( This one’s got really nice pictures and low price, but thin. And this one is very thick but high. Even being thick, the contents may not even because many authors joined in writing one dojinshi. So I’ve got to meet in the middle regarding to the pictures and the original theme, also paying attention to the prices… )


While he looks so serious comparing those two porn dojinshi, Madarame is passing behind him to the register.

Shop Clerk: Hello. Do you have a membership card?

Madarame dumps many copies of dojinshi on the counter.

Tanaka: Hey, he’s awesome, isn’t he? His way is ultimate in a way – buying without seeing the prices.

Sasahara: Really? But I’d rather be anxious about his money than be envy of him.

Tanaka: Right. I heard he’s been cutting down on living expenses.

Sasahara: Oh, great.

Each of them have finished his shopping and Kugayama is the last one to check out at the register.

Shop Clerk: Do you have a membership card?

Kugayama: Um, well, no…

But he speaks in too low voice to get to the clerk.

Shop Clerk: Excuse me?

Kugayama: N… No, I don’t have.

Shop Clerk: Ah, you don’t. Then, do you want to make one?

Kugayama: No, thanks…

He speaks very quietly again that makes the shop clerk a bit annoyed.

Shop Clerk: What?

Kugayama: No, thank you…


After the store, he’s being very upset with the shop clerk when they’re waiting for the light at the cross street.

Kugayama: Damn! That clerk really got to me! I knew I’d hate it!

Tanaka: Hey, here’s someone bothering us.

Madarame: You’er so loud only when you’re complaining! To be frank, you’re to blame, Kugayama!

Kugayama: A stutter is my habit…

In fact he’s always stuttering when he speaks.

Madarame: It’s nothing has to do with stuttering! YOUR VOICE IS JUST TOO SOFT!!

Tanaka: Hey, you are too loud.

Sasahara: How about a Karaoke bar then? It should be a good voice training, too.

Kugayama: Oh, you’d love to?

Sasahara: Yes…?

He wonders why Kugayama suddenly looks happy when he hears the word “Karaoke bar”.


Short after then, they’re in a room of Karaoke bar.

Madarame: V, V, V, Victory! Combine, one, two, three!

He’s singing so happily with a hand-held microphone but there’s someone keeps getting on his nerves, who’s Kugayama singing the same song in union, in low voice.

Madarame: Kugayama! I didn’t allow you to sing along with me! And don’t keep the microphone to you even though you never stand up in the front!

Kugayama: Don’t mind me.

Madarame: I do mind!! Come up on the stage if you really want to sing a song!!!

Sasahara is a bit worried if they start fighting.

Tanaka: Don’t mind them. They’re always like that.

Sasahara: Oh, yes…

His first visit to Akihabara and the welcome party for him went on like this.

( to be continued )


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