All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP12-6

Sasahara got a call from Kugayama while he was reflecting today’s incident.

Sasahara: Hello, long time no see.

Kugayama: I heard some blonde character had come, right?

Sasahara: Yeah, right. Then, I was meaning to ask you if we can show Iroha-Gokko to them?

Kugayama: It’s OK.

Sasahara: Oh, I see.

Kugayama: It’s good to have someone around who wants to read our book anyway.

Sasahara hears a train coming into the platform.

Sasahara: Are you still at the station? You must be having a hard time?

It’s been already 10 p.m., still Kugayama is waiting for his train in the rain. His slacks are soaked up to his ankles, which should be uncomfortable for him.

Kugayama: Yeah, but I’ve been hanging on so far, even though it wasn’t the job I wanted to pick up.

Sasahara: Ah…

Kugayama: Now, I’m off…

Sasahara: W-Wait, Kugayama!

Kugayama: Huh?

Sasahara: May Madarame or someone else have told you to call me?

Kugayama: No.

Sasahara: Eh?

He hears the bell ringing in the background. Kugayama has to get on the train before it goes.

Kugayama: You know, I’ve just picked up writing again these days. Looking back on it now, making dojinshi was a fun, after all. Bye then.

As he’s in the train, he hangs up the phone. Sasahara scrolls the phone list down to Ogiue’s number and Ogiue is just doing the same thing at her home, neither of them actually call the other, though.

( to be continued )


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