All different kinds of OTAKU



Popura: Listen Katanashi, today I’ll give you hard training again. You should never cry, OK?

The stricter she tries to be, the sweeter she looks to him.

Takanashi: Manager, can I hug it?

He asks her nearby.

Kyoko: No, you can’t.

Popura: Hey, you aren’t listening to me at times, although you’ve learned the jobs quick.

Takanashi: I’m sorry.

Popura: I think you’re distracted by my height so I’ve got something special today.

Takanashi: Oh please, that’s my favorite! What’s the special by the way?

Popura: A stool!

She put down a small box and climbs on it so their faces meet at the same level.

Popura: It should work for you, right? I mean we’re equal now!

Takanashi: Senpai…

She gets down the box.

Popura: Well, it isn’t very handy for me to carry around, though.

Takanashi: Oh, senpai…

He may be seeing her as an innocent child.

Takanashi: Can I hug it, after all?!

Popura: Oh?!

Kyoko: YOU CAN’T!

Some days later then, in the backyard.

Takanashi: ( I’m getting used to the job these days, which I’m a bit scared of myself, though… Oh, I just remembered… )

He looks at the shift tables when Popura is passing by him.

Popura: What’s up, Katanashi?

Takanashi: Hi, Senpai, I just realized I haven’t met this, Mahiru Inami, yet even though I’ve come to work here many times.

Popura: Well, she is…

Sato: Hey, Taneshima!

Popura: Yes?

Sato: The order’s up!

Popura: I’m coming! Sorry, I’ve got to go, Katanashi!

Takanashi: ( Hm, I’ll see her in some days. )

She’s got to leave before she tells him about Inami, which leads him to a disaster later day…

( to be continued )


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